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The Road Runner

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Draw a Dog

Have you ever wanted to know how to draw a dog? Well here’s a cute little way that I do it sometimes.

  1. draw a stick figure guy with no arms or face or hair or clothes.(Just a circle with a line and a little “mountain” at the bottom.)
  2. Next you draw three dots by the man’s left foot and right foot(It’s for the whiskers)
  3. then you will draw a half circle or oval from the top center of the man’s head and connect it to his foot.(you will do that to both sides.)
  4. then you will draw a “dome” on the top of everything but just connect it to the top left and right.
  5. next you will draw really long ears that should look really close to butterfly wings.
  6. then you will draw in side of the dome to ovals for eyes.
  7. next you will draw a tongue at the very bottom of you “dog”.
  8. last you color it!(Optional)
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