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A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver. Proverbs 25:11

Mrs. Dawn Harris

We’ve all been waiting to learn more about Mrs. Harris! Here is what she says….”I am originally from Hot Springs, Arkansas (love all the trees and hills there), but went to Louisiana Tech University for my bachelor’s degree. After graduation I worked for Mobil Oil Co. in south Louisiana as a process (chemical) engineer at a refinery for about five years.  A job change brought me and my husband to Arlington, Texas, which is where we have been since then.” When asked about her family, she says, “My husband, Doug, works as a project manager at Baswood, a company that designs and installs wastewater treatment systems.  We have three great kids – Ian, who is at UTA majoring in Math, Leah, who is also at UTA and majoring in Psychology, and Connor, who is a sophomore here at MRA. Also loved in our home are a dog named Annie and a little green Quaker parrot named Bijou.” Mrs. Harris says about her own high school experience, “I was always in band in school.  My best high school memory is of the “poster parties” that band members had, where we painted posters for pep rallies on long, wide rolls of paper. We would horse around and laugh until tears came to our eyes. Good times!” She says that a struggle in school was that “I was very shy and not at all comfortable in social situations.  It is my prayer that young people realize that they have something unique to add to any interaction, and that it is worth the risk to speak up.  Others are not as critical as you think they are.  It took me a long time to realize that.”

When asked about a fashion trend she regrets following, Mrs Harris says, “definitely the “big hair” trend of the 80’s. I look back at old pictures and think about the processing that had to happen to make that hair look big and think…why?” She told us that if her life were a movie, it would be titled,

Mrs. Harris’ 4th Grade Science Class

“Some Assembly Required”. I am definitely a work in progress, and the Lord is not through building me yet.” She says that her mom gave her great advice. “My mom is an amazing lady who I respect and love very much.  She was right on target when she told me to learn to laugh at myself. Don’t take yourself so seriously that you can’t laugh when you make a mistake. Everyone knows you’re human, so you should accept it too.  Humans are funny creations sometimes.” Mrs. Harris shared that if she could go back in time this is what she’d do: “It’s not too far back in history, but I would go and spend more time with my grandmother in Arkansas before she passed away.  I would pay attention when she tried to teach me how to crochet, and I would ask her questions about canning and growing things (she had an incredible garden).  Most of all, I would ask her about her faith and how the Lord guided her through some very tough times raising eight great kids with next to no money. We like to think about heroes making a big splash on the pages of history, but real heroes are closer to you than you realize.” Well, you are a hero to us at MRA, Mrs. Harris!


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