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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for showing interest in Matthew Road Academy. Please take some time to read through our FAQs below.


Do you offer any courses for Kinder, 1st, and 2nd? Also, can my student enroll at MRA if they are not officially 3rd grade age?

MRA does not offer these classes. We feel that at this stage of development that a students needs more one on one time with a teacher, a block schedule does not best meet this need.

Matthew Road Baptist Church offers a wonderful program on Mon/Wed, which has a primary teacher for each grade and two electives. This allows the teacher to integrate reading lessons into many aspects of the learning through-out the day.

For more information on this program, please contact Cyndi King, the PAW program Director: 214-762-9437 cyndikking@msn.com

Unfortunately, due to developmental milestones beyond academic readiness, MRA does not enroll students younger than 8 years old.

Can my student take classes not in their Grade Level?


MRA allows versatility with student schedules. Students may take classes lower than their current grade, if needed, as well as above their current grade.*

*Students must be able to test into the classes they want to attend.

What grades does MRA encompass?

MRA will offers courses for 3rd to 12th graders.

What is University Style Education?

University Style Education is an educational style that merges private education with a home school experience. This approach to education is a benefit for elementary through high school students by enhancing the learning experience in a small class environment, with a college-preparatory education, in a Christian setting.

High academic standards are set and while less time is spent in a classroom setting, students work towards achieving a strong work ethic in class and out. A University Style Education setting offers a full load of courses and can be considered a full time school schedule, however it also allows for the flexibility of those seeking part time education for certain subjects.

How does the school partner with the parent in the education of their child?

A student will attend a course(s) at MRA, where they will receive classroom instruction. The student’s teacher will also assign school work that is to be completed during the student’s off days. Their classroom instruction will have adequately prepared them for this school work, however as with any school work, parent assistance may sometimes be necessary. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that their child is completing the school work given during these off days.

This school work is then turned into the teacher the following class day. All school work is graded and posted in a secured online database for the parent’s oversight. Communication between the parents and teachers is highly encouraged, staff are required to reply to emails and return phone calls promptly.

Do I have to enroll my child in the entire two day program?

While full-time students receive priority enrollment, it is not necessary for students to enroll full-time. A student may take only one course if they so desire.

Is this a co-op, what requirements are placed on the parent during school hours?

MRA is not a co-op and we do not require any parental volunteer hours. As with any school, they are a few opportunities each year to help during a special event, but this is always optional.

Once background checked, a parent is welcome to stay on campus during special events.

MRA is located within a short driving distance to the Grand Prairie public library as well as several food establishments. This works well for parents of part-time students who are just attending one or two courses.

Can I enroll mid-year?

MRA only accepts mid-year enrollments on rare occasion. Our families contract for the full year and usually courses are full. In addition, core subjects are not easily dived into mid-year.

*The Registrar has full discretion in accessing mid-year enrollments on a case by case scenario.

What other activities does MRA offer?

MRA offers quite a few other activities, to name a few:

Family Field Trips, Holiday Parties, Picture Day, Field Day, Leadership Training at DBU, End of the Year Program with Graduation Walk for Seniors, After-school Clubs

What experience does each teacher have?

MRA considers staff placement a top priority. All staff are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and live in a manner accordingly. We specifically hire teachers who have a love for students and a passion for teaching, not those just seeking an income. Our priority is a high standard of education, as well as to display the love of Jesus Christ to each and every student.

Teachers have experience teaching in a classroom setting in the subject that they are teaching. In addition, many of our staff are also degreed and/or certified in that specific subject area. All staff come highly recommended from their previous endeavors and are monitored closely during their first year of teaching at MRA. We also conduct yearly parent surveys on teacher and education satisfaction.

MRA’s staff is background checked and CPR certified. In addition, they are highly encouraged to continue seeking up to date knowledge in their course of study.

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